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May 13, 2004

Voting Continued

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Teague 98lbs. 4’9 Knocked out my *#@. I’m just gonna start hitting people!!! Look out now! Oh yeah thanks for voting.We were in 2nd place for a minute.

May 11, 2004


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Help us earn the chance to kick off X-Fest. Vote for us here. You can only vote once a day so tell your friends. 4 bands are knocked out each day and it only lasts until Friday. Singers of the final 4 bands are going to duke it out at the Odeon on May 17th.

April 30, 2004


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Dropped off cd to 92.3 at 4:45. Feels like HS. Learned the contest rules and if you don’t know them you are in for a suprise. We will post a pic in the next day or two to explain.

April 28, 2004

Battle Of Bands

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Found out the deadline for 92.3 Xtreme radio X-Fest battle of bands is Friday at 5:00 (Thanks Jen…Street team)and we need to learn a cover and record it tomorrow night.

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