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February 6, 2011

Thank You

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A short video improvising over a new tune and a big thank you to everyone who commented on the “Who Do We Sound Like” video.  It made it to #10 most discussed music video in Canada on YouTube for the day. Share this on your facebook wall and we will send you an mp3. Be sure to leave a comment to let us know you shared it so we can get a tune to you.

January 22, 2011

Who do we sound like?

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We are putting the new tunes up on itunes and we need to have 3 bands we sound like.  That has been kind of tough for us so we have been asking everyone what they think.  Posted a video on YouTube and it is the #15 most discussed music video in Canada today!  So if you have some thoughts, we would love to hear them.  You can tell us on youtube, facebook, myspace, email or on the blog.

YouTube Video asking for help!

November 7, 2005


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No Date News
tripfuse will not play with a band called the n word.

A band called the n word ended up getting added to a Katrina benefit bill at the HiFi club in Lakewood OH that was supposed to happen Oct. 16th .

tripfuse will not and did not play with a band with that name. We were appalled that any band would play with them or any club would book them or any marketing company would add them to a bill. It is messed up bad. We decided we couldn’t let a band with that name play a Katrina benefit. We emailed the marketing company putting on the show and emailed the other bands to suggest they say something. If each band simply said they would not play with a band with that name, the n word band would have to be removed from the bill and the show would go on as planned. But Hardcore Marketing canned the show. People got upset.

Some changes are being made to the live version of tripfuse for a moment. learn more

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